The UF CARD Office is open Monday 1pm-5pm and Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm. Appointments are required. If you are new to UF CARD please call us at 352-265-2230 or email us at If you are already registered and working with one of our staff members please contact them directly, or contact our office if you have any questions.

Media requests must be coordinated through the UF Health Communications team.

a group of people standing in front of a building and sign that says Roland T. Stern Learning Center Austin Carey Forest
Name Title Business Phone Email
Tracy L Cox Tracy L Cox Education/Training Specialist II (352) 265-2230
Margarita L Garlin Margarita L Garlin Parent Partner (352) 265-2234
Mark H Lewis Mark H Lewis Professor (352) 294-4951
Meg Lietzau Meg Lietzau Education/Training Spec III (352) 265-2242
Lindsay A Lloveras Lindsay A Lloveras Post-Doctoral Associate (352) 273-9463
Danielle R Liso Danielle R Liso Assistant Director (352) 265-2241
Ann-Marie Orlando Ann-Marie Orlando Assistant Professor And Director, CARD (352) 265-2239
Linda M Petrossian Linda M Petrossian Intake Coordinator (352) 265-2244
Carole E Polefko Carole E Polefko Public Education Coordinator (352) 265-2232
John W Polefko John W Polefko Education/Training Specialist III (352) 265-2237
Kathryn S Robinson Kathryn S Robinson Visual Supports Specialist (352) 265-2236
Gregory Valcante Gregory Valcante Assistant Professor And Director, CARD (352) 265-2231
Arthur M Wallen Arthur M Wallen Associate Director (352) 265-2233
Alissa B Yax Alissa B Yax Administrative Support AST II/Office Manager (352) 265-2243