What is MyFriends?


Due to limited staff availability and other challenges, we have decided to temporarily suspend MyFriends events until further notice. We will send out information regarding the resumption of events when that occurs. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resume MyFriends in the near future.

MyFriends is a group that meets approximately once a month for informal social gatherings. It is a collaborative effort between UF CARD and the UF student group IMPACT Autism.

Important Information

  • MyFriends is an opportunity for social interaction, it is not a venue for specific social skills instruction although some instruction may occur incidentally.
  • MyFriends events are planned, organized, and run by UF Students who are members of the student group IMPACT Autism with a UF CARD staff member providing support.
  • MyFriends events are typically unstructured social gatherings.
  • MyFriends is for adults on the autism spectrum who are CARD constituents. It is NOT a parent support group. If you are not a CARD constituent, you can pre-register for our services.

Code of Conduct

  • All participants at UF CARD events are expected to act respectfully toward all other participants, group facilitators, and speakers.
  • Alcohol, smoking, vaping, and use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
  • UF CARD reserves the right to deny admission, ask an individual participant to leave, or remove participants from the event/program for inappropriate behavior.

Current constituents can click the link below and choose ‘MyFriends’ to join the MyFriends mailing list to receive information about events.