On-Demand Professional Development

UF CARD Professional Development ON-DEMAND

UF CARD Professional Development (PD) ON-DEMAND – Information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disabilities (RD) on your schedule!  We have taken our sessions and packaged them in a convenient and easy to use e-learning format, so you can have access to professional development on a variety of topics related to ASD and RD, and complete them at your own pace. Teachers, check with your school district to see if you can earn in-service points for these – in many cases you can.

New and Improved On-Demand Professional Development

  • New, up-to-date content
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Improved accessibility
  • Easy to use, consistent format

Each UF CARD PD ON-DEMAND module description provides learning objectives, a video presentation, and resources.  Each session has a follow-up activity and quiz.  Enroll in a UF CARD PD ON-DEMAND module today!

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Transition to Adult Life

This module provides descriptions of and strategies for supporting individuals with autism and related disabilities as they transition from school to adult life. The focus is on relevant IEP goals, opportunities to prepare students for employment, and post-secondary education opportunities.