Embracing Autism in the Workplace

Part 1: Beyond Accommodations


Every brain is different, and this diversity can be a valuable asset in the workplace. Neurodiversity refers to the range of neurological differences that exist among people, including autism, ADHD, and Tourette syndrome. These differences can lead to unique strengths and perspectives that can benefit teams and organizations. When organizations embrace neurodiversity, they can create more inclusive and innovative workplaces. This presentation of “Beyond Accommodations” is designed for employers and focuses on autism in the workplace.

After this 90-minute presentation, you will be able to:

  • Describe key concepts related to neurodiversity and autism as they are understood today
  • Identify strengths that autistic employees bring to organizations
  • Advocate for a more productive and fulfilling work environment for everyone.


May 9, 2024
6:00PM – 7:30PM
Online via Zoom

Part 2: Strategies for Advocating Your Needs in the Workplace


Join us for an insightful presentation led by Lindsey Telg, a licensed occupational therapist, tailored for autistic adults. “Strategies for Advocating Your Needs in the Workplace” will empower you with essential tools and knowledge to thrive in your professional journey. Discover effective techniques for self-advocacy, communication, and creating an inclusive work environment that supports your unique needs. Gain confidence, enhance your workplace experience, and take a step closer to achieving your career goals. This presentation is a must-attend for those seeking to navigate the workplace successfully while embracing their neurodiversity.


May 23, 2024
6:00PM – 7:30PM
Online via Zoom

About the Presenters

Brandon Telg, Instructional Designer
UF Training & Organizational Development

Lindsey Telg, MOT, OTR/L
OTD Learning Support Specialist/Adjunct Faculty
Department of Occupational Therapy


We strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals to engage fully. To request accommodations or for inquiries about accessibility, please contact Dr. Danielle Liso at 352-265-2241 or card-training@ufl.edu.


Danielle Liso