Tuesday Night Training (TNT): Strengths & Challenges in Neurodiverse Relationships

Whether you are the autistic or neurotypical partner, in a neurodiverse romantic relationship, or you are interested in a neurodiverse relationship, this session is for you. During this training the presenter, Dr. Mona Kay, will provide insight on some of the challenges you may be experiencing in your current love relationship, or that you have experienced in past love relationships. She will also provide some simple steps you can take to address some of the challenges that may create unintentional hurt or misunderstandings.

No matter where you are on your “Neurodiverse Love” journey there will be information shared for you to gain a better understanding of how to thrive as both an individual and a partner in a “Neurodiverse Love” relationship.

Dr. Mona has been a social worker for more than 30 years. Based on her experiences with individuals with autism spectrum disorder, she wanted to help others find the resources they needed to better understand their Neurodiverse relationships. In September, 2020, Mona started the “Neurodiverse Love” podcast with her friend. Since that time, more than 30 episodes of the “Neurodiverse Love” podcast have been published and the podcast has had more then 4,000 downloads, from people all over the world. Mona also started the @neurodiverse_love Instagram account and the Neurodiverselove.com website to share lessons learned, lived experiences and the resources she has found along the way on her Neurodiverse journey. Mona also runs two monthly on-line support groups for the neurotypical partner in a neurodiverse relationship and she is writing a book about her “Neurodiverse Love” journey.

Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021; 7 – 8pm

Registration is required.

Please email any questions to card-training@ufl.edu.