Tuesday Night Training (TNT): Internet Safety

Date/Time: June 8, 2021 4-5pm
Location: Zoom
Registration required

Is it okay to share details about my child’s life on social media? What kinds of pictures should I avoid posting? Am I taking away my kids’ ownership over their future online footprint?

It has never been easier to share our lives online—from meals to selfies and relationship statuses to locations, information about our daily activities flows freely. But what about our right to share our kids’ lives? In today’s age of “sharenting”, striking the right balance between engaging in online communities and respecting a child’s privacy and safety can be difficult. In this presentation, Stacey, law professor, mother, and expert on the intersection of social media and parenting, shares her insights.
From her years of research, Stacey will outline what parents should and should not feel comfortable sharing, while providing suggestions and ideas for a wide range of approaches, including:
•How we can benefit from sharing, and how screens can connect us
•The dangers of oversharing
•How to model behavior online
•The difference in how parents and kids view online sharing
•The importance of educating kids about technology

Presenter: Stacey Steinberg is the supervising attorney for the Gator TeamChild Juvenile Law Clinic. She also serves as an associate director for the Center on Children and Families. Steinberg’s research explores the intersection of a parent’s right to share online and a child’s interest in privacy. Steinberg is a leading scholar on sharenting. She’s presented her children’s privacy/sharenting research to a variety of audiences, including to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Association of American Law Schools, and the Florida Affiliate of American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences. Steinberg’s work has been quoted by many news outlets, including CNN, NPR, The Atlantic, CBS News, USA Today, The Washington Post, and Consumer Reports. She is the author of Growing Up Shared: How Parents Can Share Smarter on Social Media and What You Can Do to Keep Your Family Safe in a No-Privacy World.