Adobe Connect Tips

Adobe Connect – Tips for Best Performance

Most fairly modern computers should work, newer and faster, of course, will be better. Here are the technical requirements:

For most trainings provided by CARD @ UF, you will not need a camera or microphone. Questions can be typed into Adobe Connect, and you can chat with others by typing as well.

1. Start by testing your system with Adobe. Here is the link, remember this page as it also contains good troubleshooting tips should you have any problems:

2. Use a WIRED ethernet connect whenever possible. We have had success with some folks using wireless but this has primarily been in places with professionally managed, high-quality wireless network infrastructure so just remember if you use wireless your experience may be diminished.

3. Make sure your computer is up-to-date and virus free. You should always keep your computer up-to-date for many reasons such as security, stability, and improved performance. Be sure to update the following for the best results:
*Operating system (e.g. Windows 7, Mac OS X)
*Internet Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
*Adobe Flash Player (get latest version from
*Anti-virus software

4. Shut down all other programs for best performance. Other browser windows, email programs, office applications, etc. consume resources and can impact Adobe Connect performance.
You may also need to do some housekeeping tasks such as clearing the browser cache or you may need to disable pop-up blocking software. The procedures differ depending on your browser, so Google instructions (for example google ‘clear cache Firefox’)