Spotlight on Creating an All About Me Book

Beginning a new school year is a time of uncertainty, which usually translates into stress and anxiety for caregivers and their children. One way to prepare for the upcoming school year is to create an easy-to-read summary of who your child is and what he/she likes or dislikes.

An ‘All About Me’ book is NOT just for starting a new school year. Any time your student enters a new situation (e.g., summer camp, boy/girl scouts, sports team, after school activity), it is a good idea to let the people know how to best understand and interact with your child.

Accessible version of the All About Me book shown in the video.


  • To familiarize members of your child’s team with his/her strengths and needs
  • A “cheat sheet” to get to know your child quickly
  • Also helpful for babysitters, providers, and family members


  • Write from your child’s perspective
  • Think bullets, not paragraphs
  • Aim for one topic per page, no more
  • Offer strategies
  • Keep it positive
  • Include photos of your child to make the All About Me book more personal and individualized
  • Consider updating the book every 6 months-1 year
  • Consider asking your family and friends for input when you are creating or updating the book

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