All About Me

Beginning a new school year is a time of uncertainty, which usually translates into stress and anxiety for caregivers and students. One way to prepare for the upcoming school year is to create an easy-to-read summary of who your child is and what he/she likes or dislikes. We have created “All About Me” templates that anyone can use to create a booklet that provides new teachers/school personnel key information about your child (their new student) in a visually appealing format. The pages are just suggestions on what to include, however, you can decide what pages seem most important to your child or add any additional ones as you see fit.

If possible, include your child in the process so they can help express what they want others to know about them to make the new school year a success. Using the idea of an ‘All About Me’ booklet or form is NOT just for starting a new school year. Any time your student enters a new situation, (e.g. summer camp, boy/girl scouts, sports team, after school activity) it is a good idea to let the people know how to best understand and interact with your child.

Here is a brief overview of what you should include in an All About Me booklet.
All About Me Overview


Templates and Examples

When making an All About Me booklet, this basic template can help you get started and organize your ideas for each page.

All About Me data form     All About Me data form

Here are the templates for all of the individual pages that you may choose to include in your booklet. We have provided each page in a Word and PDF format so you edit fonts, borders, layouts, etc. as you see fit.

Background Information     Background Information

How I Communicate     How I Communicate

Medical Information     Medical Information

Other Important Information     Other Important Information

Sensory Consideration     Sensory Consideration

Things I Can Do for Myself     Things I Can Do for Myself

Things I Need Help Doing     Things I Need Help Doing

What Motivates Me     What Motivates Me

Here’s another booklet/template idea:

Example 1     Example 1

Example 2

If you feel the booklet is too much or perhaps too “young”, there are other examples of simpler, 1-2 page formats to use instead. The idea is the same, capture the MOST important information that a new teacher/school needs to know and put it in a quick, easy-to-read format.

One-page profiles, as described by Helen Anderson Associates ( use 3 key questions that can be put on a page in whatever creative, succinct way you choose:

  1. What others like and admire about me
  2. What’s important to me
  3. How best to support me

Here are some other templates and examples of one to two page profiles.

Good Things to Know About My Child (Template)     Good-Things-to-Know-About-My-Child (Template)

Good Things to Know About My Child (Example)      Good Things to Know About My Child (Example)

15 Things About Me     15 Things About Me