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picture of UF East Campus Building


CARD University of Florida - Gainesville
East Campus Building
2046 NE Waldo Road, Suite 3200
Gainesville, FL 32609

We are located on Waldo Road on the 3rd floor of the new UF red brick building that is north of 16th Avenue/south of 23rd Avenue and across the street from Tacachale.

UF decals are required to park at the East Campus where our offices are located, however, there are designated visitor parking spots. These spaces are located in the northwest area of campus and are most easily found if you enter from the NW 23rd Avenue entrance. After entering from NW 23rd Avenue take your first left into the parking lot and then turn left again. You will see the visitor parking sign. If you enter from Waldo Road you will need to turn right after passing the three story building and follow the road towards the 23rd Avenue exit - turn right into the parking lot and left into the visitor parking area.

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Toll Free 1-(800)-9-AUTISM or Local (352)-273-0581




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Please keep in mind that our staff works for our North central Florida constituency and unfortunately we don't have the resources to respond to questions beyond that scope.

You can find a lot of information within this website that might answer your questions, so please take a look through our site using the links in the navigation bar above. The Links page can lead you to many resources beyond the state of Florida, while the Find Your CARD page will help you locate the CARD office that covers your area if you live in Florida.

If you live in one of the Florida counties served by the Gainesville CARD and would like to request services for you or your family, or more information or brochures, please call the Gainesville CARD office directly. If you don't live in the Gainesville CARD area, please call the appropriate CARD office as noted on the Find Your CARD page.

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