Testers Needed for New App

Published: September 14th, 2018

Category: Autism, Community

A local high school student created this app and would like some feedback from Android phone users…

Alzimio Logo

Alzimio is a mobile app to aid those suffering from memory loss through
safe zones and emergency tools.

Alzimio is an android mobile application for those
who suffer from Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and
memory issues. Through Alzimio the user can set up
geographical “safe zones” and upon the user’s exit
caregivers and loved ones will be alerted.

Alzimio also offers two main emergency features:

1. an emergency button that sends a text alert and calls a
specified caregiver in a situation in which the user
feels he/she needs help
2. a take-me-home feature which navigates the user home. Alzimio requires no
extra hardware.

If interested in testing Alzimio please send an email to Alzimiohelp@gmail.com.
For more information visit Alzimio.weebly.com.