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orange arrow bullet Research Participants Needed: Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Stress and Resilience

Looking for siblings of children with ASD, ages 10-18 and their parents, to participate in an interview that will be approximately one hour.

I am a graduate student in the Department of Family, Youth, and Community Sciences at the University of Florida, conducting research on how having a sibling with Autism Spectrum Disorders affects a typically developing sibling. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Victor Harris along with Dr. Larry Forthun and Dr. Greg Valcante. The purpose of my study is to examine the effects that having a sibling with ASD has on a typically developing sibling and to understand parental perceptions of how a child with ASD affects typically developing siblings. The results of the study may help professionals that work with families of children with ASD, plan and implement programs that are designed specifically for siblings of children with ASD.

Alison Schmeer
Phone: (772)-370-2508
Email: akschmeer@ufl.edu

orange arrow bullet WANTED: Students on Autism Spectrum or with Asperger Syndrome For Participation in Studies of Hearing

These studies are designed to understand how the ear perceives sounds, and to determine the physiological basis for reports of extreme auditory sensitivity, and/or auditory annoyance with background noise in students with ASD or Asperger Syndrome.

Principal Investigator: Prof. David Smith
Auditory Research Laboratories
337 Psychology

Eligibility Criteria: Students diagnosed as being on Autism Spectrum or with Asperger Syndrome. Participants should not have ear infections, known hearing loss, ear problems, history of ear surgery, or long-term exposure to loud sounds.


For more information, please contact: Sridhar Srinivasan - UFAuditoryLab@gmail.com

orange arrow bullet General Self-Help Resource Guide Access to Florida's Transportation Disadvantaged Program for Individuals with Disabilities

This guide (click here to download PDF, reader required) is created to provide assistive service information and easy to find resources to help individuals with disabilities access services through Florida's Transportation Disadvantaged Program and services.

This guide provides hyperlinks to informative websites; frequently asked questions (FAQs); factsheets; federal and state laws, regulations, and rules; and many other relevant and helpful resources.

This self-help resource guide is not a substitute for legal advice

As with many other FAAST self-help resource guides this guide is available on the FAAST website at http://www.faast.org/resources/library.

orange arrow bullet Low-tech Visual Supports for Math with Cathy Zenko

This 30 minute presentation provides examples of visual supports for use in math lessons to support the unique learning needs of students on the Autism Spectrum. Take a Look! http://usf.adobeconnect.com/p8fgrrmnaue/

orange arrow bullet Enhancing Engagement in Science, a tutorial by FAU CARD!

Direct Link: https://faucard.adobeconnect.com/_a1001665944/p4yp1f3hwmr/?launcher=false&fcscontent=true&pbmode=normal

More Tutorials from FAU CARD: http://www.coe.fau.edu/centersandprograms/card/tutorials.aspx

orange arrow bullet Here is a short video about using visuals in a science class!

Direct Link to Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30dvFzyPzds&feature=player_embedded

For more information about visual supports, visit our visual supports pages

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orange arrow bullet Become a Friend of CARD!

Please consider making a gift to CARD and become a FRIEND OF CARD. Since 2006, the CARD budget has been reduced by 34%. Our first fundraising goal is to enroll 100 FRIENDS OF CARD who can give $100 each and to recognize those FRIENDS with a FRIEND OF CARD lapel pin. Of course we recognize that not everyone can give at that level and gratefully welcome all donations even those of $1. All gifts are made through the University of Florida Foundation, Inc. and are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. For more information on how to give click here.

orange arrow bullet Autism License Plate

Benefitting individuals with autism and related disabilities throughout Florida! See http://www.autismlicenseplate.com/ for more information.

  autism license plate

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